Ad Nonsense

Blind spots that make really funny commercials: #1 The Erroneous Mythology

Here’s a great tool for making brilliantly funny commercials:  Create characters with blind spots! The blind spots we reveal by what we say and how we behave are rich raw material for creating funny, even poignant commercials. A blind spot is a specific lens through which a character sees their world. It both informs their behavior… Read More »

You can learn a whole lot from ads that miss their creative mark

I have a huge collection of bad ads. Knowing what not to do is a killer way to learn what to do. Here are three of my favorites. They’re fantastic examples of mistakes agencies and clients make again and again. If you’re putting together your portfolio, you have an obligation to yourself to not make a… Read More »

Mercedes Benz ad as bad as a dumb beer joke

Okay, let’s start out with this dumb joke supposedly told by Mia Maestro for September’s Esquire: This guy comes home one day to find a note left by his wife on the fridge. It says, “It’s not working. I can’t take it anymore. I went to stay with my sister!” He opens the fridge, the… Read More »

Snapple: A grand example of brand myopia

I saw this ad for Snapple on the New York subway. Snapple is pleading with New Yorkers to help the sell it to the rest of the country. It must seem ridiculous to any one riding the subway who’s not from New York. But it’s equally ridiculous, hubristic and embarrassing for the brand if you… Read More »

Adiocracy’s Super Bowl ‘Top 5 WTF?!’ (not a ‘Best Of’ List)

Since this year’s Superbowl ‘Best of’ lists were already assembled and ready to be blasted the moment the final whistle blew, I debated whether to do a Superbowl roundup. Plus, every blogger from mommies to WOWers have been offering up their opinions. So I decided to make this year’s Super Bowl list the ‘The Adiocracy… Read More »