Idea Making

The #1 Cardinal Rule of Brainstorming and Why You Should Ignore It

  When I run a brainstorming session there are three rules that are non-negotiable: zero cell phones, one conversation at a time, and respect for my role as referee and ‘idea traffic cop’. But I’ve learned that one popular brainstorming ‘commandment’ is counter-productive. In fact, to ensure you have the most spontaneous and productive idea-making… Read More »

5 blind spots that make funny commercials: #2 Unbridled Optimism

Here’s a great tool for making brilliantly funny commercials: Create characters with blind spots! The blind spots we reveal by what we say and how we behave are rich raw material for creating funny, even poignant, commercials. A character’s blind spot both informs their behavior and makes it difficult — and sometimes impossible — for… Read More »

The night I took a steam with Mick Jagger: What he taught me about advertising

When I putting my portfolio together many years ago, a chance encounter with Mick Jagger helped me get my first job in the biz and framed the way I think about advertising.

Manhattan Mini Storage: Thank you Seth Meyer

   Here’s why I’m sharing this ad for Manhattan Mini Storage. I want to point out that we not only pull conceptual ideas from the culture around us, but we grab grammatical ones as well. Not just catch phrases, but comedic structure that informs a joke. Here, the style is: Offer up an idea, then point… Read More »

Digging for the Bone: How to Jumpstart Your Creative Thinking!

Want to spark your creative thinking? Need to develop a huge amount fresh, killer ideas as efficiently as possible? In ‘Digging for the Bone: How to Jumpstart Creative Thinking”, I reveal a non-linear technique I’ve developed in my years working with creatives and execs alike. I was happy to learn that ‘Digging for the Bone’… Read More »