Snapple: A grand example of brand myopia

Snapple subway

I saw this ad for Snapple on the New York subway. Snapple is pleading with New Yorkers to help the sell it to the rest of the country. It must seem ridiculous to any one riding the subway who’s not from New York. But it’s equally ridiculous, hubristic and embarrassing for the brand if you are a New Yorker. This ad makes two of the biggest mistakes in advertising.

1) It puts the company before us (New Yorkers; the drinkers of ice tea and other snacking beverages)

2) It thinks we give a shit.

Why should be help your brand? Even if we drink your drink! When brands began playing in the social media space, it took them a while to realize that there’s a big difference between someone using your laundry detergent and someone giving a damn enough to about it to blog or tweet about a new fresh scent.

And what’s the reward Snapple is offering up? We hashtag our love and they’ll share it with the rest of the country?! Maybe put our words in a commercial? If the rest of the country isn’t loving Snapple then figure out what they DO love, or ask them what they might love, and then give it a go. It’s a simple formula. It’s called doing business.



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