Why I developed Make Brilliant Ideas

In advertising we don’t have a commonly agreed upon methodology for coming up with and developing ideas. “Why is that?” I wondered. A method is taught in almost every other creative field – architecture, screenwriting, graphic design, physics, even stand-up comedy – but not advertising!

Ideas are the very currency of advertising. Not only do we have to come up with a huge amount of them in a very short period of  time, but we have to do it again and again and again.

So I developed a methodology to help advertising creatives do just that. The process was created over a period of three years in which I studied and observed how we think and work in advertising, how they think in other creative fields, and how to apply core principles of creating to what we must do every day.


 Make Brilliant Ideas is a method, not a formula

Make Brilliant Ideas is not a formula – there is no formula for making ideas. It’s a method developed to give creatives a powerful foundation for jump-starting thinking, coming up with lots of ideas super efficiently, and developing the best of those ideas into brilliant campaigns.

It’s great for developing portfolios quickly, but more important, the method prepares creatives to jump in and perform at a high level as soon as they get that job.

It combines three key components into one discipline

  1. Core creative principles taught in other creative fields that apply to what we do in advertising, as well as principles that are specific to the way we work and think;
  2. An actual A to B to C road map to follow;
  3. Tools and techniques for jump-starting, developing, and crafting ideas into brilliant campaigns that can live anywhere.

Make Brilliant Ideas is always evolving

I continue to develop the methodology as I get new ideas from the creative community and learn what resonates most with ad creatives in my course at SVA. I’m honored to be associated with New York’s School of Visual Arts so here’s a quick plug. SVA is one of the country’s great ad schools. The faculty – both undergrad and Continuing Ed where I teach – is the best in the biz, tapped from a resource of New York’s best creatives.

If you have ideas, feedback, or questions shoot me an email. You can also join our growing community of creatives in our private Facebook group.

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