SVA “Killer Work” student feedback 2017

We had a fantastic session in Killer Work here at School of Visual Arts (SVA). This semester we worked on, Flexion erasable pens, Wise emergency food, Instantpot, Halo Ice Cream,  A great bunch of minds and an especially supportive and giving group.

A quick nutshell on ‘Killer Work’Classic tags

My goal for those starting out is to have you leave with a foundation for thinking that you can build a career on. For those already in the biz, the method I teach will give you a new, more efficient way to consistently create and develop brilliant ideas and is especially powerful when you’re under a tight time crunch. As one writer in the business said, “It’s a complete 180 on how I approach my thinking.”  In Killer Work, you’ll learn how to jumpstart your thinking, how to create lots of ideas super efficiently, and how to develop the best of them into brilliant executions.

And you’ll have a sh*tload of fun. Guaranteed!

Here’s some student feedback from the class. If you want more reviews, take a look back through past Killer Work semester posts.


Mark S Burk

Jason Lambert/Freelance Associate Creative Director

Mark Burk is a great creative and fantastic teacher. Not only are his insights and recommendations spot-on, but he knows how to “reach” his students regardless of their experience level.

His energy is infectious and you can tell that he truly loves what he does. This has been the one class over the years where I honestly wish my “day job” allowed me more time to complete class assignments.

I’m now equipped with a systematic process that provides structure to what has previously been a chaotic exercise (i.e. brainstorming).

While my initial ideation rounds have always been expansive, I have now acquired a faster ability to not only correctly identify similarities within multiple concepts, but isolate potential “nuggets” for further exploration and refinement as well.

While class catalogue descriptions often try to drive enrollment numbers by claiming to cater to all experience levels, ‘Killer Work’ is a class that truly delivers on what it promises.

Whether striving to create your 1st portfolio, or as in my own case, an “ad vet” looking to build and refine skillsets, I definitely benefitted from enrolling in this class.

The techniques learned and employed are legitimately universal regardless of one’s developmental stage and at NO time did I feel as though my own progress was being sacrificed in favor of helping less experienced students keep pace.

H. Barnwell, Freelance Associate Creative Director /Art Director

“Killer Work” helps creatives of all levels develop a process that will enable them to create work that’s more compelling, and strategically-sound at its core. Students will also develop a keener understanding of how to articulate what makes a great ad work, how to push for campaign-able creative executions, and what differentiates one territory of thinking from another.

Mark’s class felt like a community, rather than a boring weekly lecture.

I’d recommend “Killer Work” not only to students, but to professionals as well. For creatives who possess tremendous technical abilities, but have difficulties being conceptual, crafting strategic and insightful creative, and presenting work, this class will help.


J. Gregory, Senior Retoucher-Art Director/FCB

This class helped me approach my idea generating method in a brand new way. It helped me both expand my thinking process and look at creating ideas differently. Working in what Mark calls ‘different areas of the park’ gets your thinking out of a rut of only working in one area.

The method enables you to dig deeper into an idea as well as step back and look at your overall ideas.

I would have liked at least one class of collaborative work to try team idea building. Also, it would be an opportunity to practice the creative method explained that day to fully understand it before trying it on a homework project.

Alex Eidman/Runs content marketing for the startup SiteTraker

I got a ton out of this class. I loved Mark’s approach to thinking through creative work. I’m thinking much more carefully about when and how I work well, as well as understanding the process of developing great work. I can see where in the ‘park’ my ideas are and am able to go to different places (in my thinking) on a single campaign!

In terms of changes, I think a collaborative aspect might be nice, though maybe challenging schedule-wise.

My absolute recommend!



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