File under ‘extremely painful’: Mullally sings strategy for butter substitute.

If you want to cringe, and we mean curl-your-toes cringe, watch this ad for ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ by Mindshare media’s Mindshare Entertainment, if you haven’t already seen it. This is jaw-droppingly awful. It actually makes Brett Ratner’s recent spot for Atlantis resort seem sophisticated.

Somehow the agency and client approved this horrific thing, then convinced Mullally’s agent that her career could handle singing the butter substitute’s strategy to ‘Turn The Beat Around’. These are some of the actual lyrics (seriously):

Fresh butter taste (…something garbled that rhymes with ‘no transfats here’),
No hydrogentated oils, so there’s not transfats here,
Turn the tub around, talkin’ ’bout nutrition,
Turn come see what we found, it’s what you’ve been wishin’!

Somewhere right now, Megan is probably burying her head under a pillow. We certainly hope that she used some of this ‘dance with the devil’ money to do something nice for the world.

Watch for yourself. But we warn you, this is not for the sqeamish…

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