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With the holidays now a sweet (or sour) memory and the weather hovering in the 20’s, it’s time to think School of Visual Arts’ Winter semester. “Killer Work: How to Make Ideas that Make Other People Jealous” will definitely heat up your brain and get your mind sweating.

In the Killer Work course you’ll learn an actual method for making brilliant ideas as well as core creative principles to apply to your thinking and killer techniques that will make coming up with ideas as fruitful and efficient as possible.

Here’s some student feedback from this fall’s class. If you’d like to read more, just troll through past Killer Work semester posts.

Killer Work student work

Killer Work student work

S Spino

I didn’t go into this class wanting to work in advertising but I left wanting to. It helped me understand how to create overarching big ideas that are behind campaigns. I’ve taken other advertising classes (having dropped out of two!), and this was the first class that helped me figure out where to start when thinking creatively.

I went into this class thinking that I didn’t have the ability to be a copywriter, but I left feeling that if I work hard, I’ll be able to do it!




N. Thomas

N Thomas presents in KW's Fall class

N Thomas presents in KW’s Fall class

I learned a lot about idea generation and the creative process. It’s given me a different approach to my thinking, which has helped me a lot at work.

Jennifer Wenrich

I learned a whole new way to think.

I really took a lot away from the idea of being in central park and trying to identify where my ideas land in the park (Jenn is referring to my lecture “Digging For The Bone”) — it made me really step back and think about where my thinking was coming from. This class was different because it was the first time I was thinking not just as an art director but also as a writer and at times even like a client.

First assignment: For those of you taking Killer Work in the 2016 winter semester, our first assignment is an ‘As Seen On TV’ product that’s actually good, called Clever Grip. It’s a smart fix to a vexing and also dangerous driving problem. What insights can you think of around our driving and phone-ing behavior/obsession?  How does the product make driving smarter? Safer? Go to their site for more info, but more importantly, dig around to see what others are saying. See y’all in February!

Any questions about class, shoot me an email me at

First assignment KW Winter 2016

First assignment KW Winter 2016


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