Kashi and Corn Syrup duke it out in Martha Stewart.

We love it when mags are unwittingly turned into boxing rings. In this month’s Martha Stewart Living, Kashi throws a few punches at high fructose corn syrup. Why not? Everyone else is. In its ad, Kashi refers to the sweetening goop as ‘fake stuff’ which will never be an ingredient in its granola bars.

In our imaginations, the Corn Refiners’ secret media spies keep them informed of such attacks. After all, this is high stakes agri-business. So, to pre-empt the Kashi kidney punches on page 157, they strategically placed an ad from their 3/4 talking heads campaign on page 80.

The Corn Refiners, of course, call their slop sweetener ‘natural, nutritionallly the same as table sugar’, though they admit that high fructose corn syrup ‘should be enjoyed in moderation’. But the precise point nutritionists make about the goop is that, given its proliferation, it’s damn near impossible to consume in moderation. 



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