Hellman’s buys Bobby Flay for a sandwich.

There’s a lot that’s deliciously nonsensical about this Hellman’s campaign. Most obvious of course is Bobby Flay. The man made his name on southwestern grilling, not sandwich-making. His latest book is about burgers and fries. Mayo has a total of two mentions in the index.

Then there’s the awkward photo of the chef, arms extended toward his masterpiece, pretending to be candidly caught deep in the midst of his sandwich-making craft.

Which brings us to our last ‘pushing it’ point. Let’s be honest about where sandwich-making falls in the spectrum of cuisine preparation. Does sandwich making really require top chef advice? It’s not like you’ve got a monkfish on the counter and you’re trying to figure out how to turn it into a gourmet dinner for four.

Granted, sandwiches are Hellman’s bread n’ butter, but this campaign feels inappropriately self-important. Like that person at the party who thinks everyone finds the details of their golf game as fascinating as they do.

That’s our take. What’s yours?


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