Texican Whopper between two toasted puns.

Because of all the hullaballoo, we figured we’d weigh in on this Texican Whopper spot. It’s not only an unbelievably, pun-ish stinker, its awfulness is surprising, considering it comes from CP+B.

First things first. Like most advertising built around a pun, it’s barely an idea. To put this in perspective, the rag-tag team of C-list celebs on Celebrity Apprentice used the same ‘little’ pun to sell a small bottle of All detergent. And they came up with it in an hour.

Sure, people may be offended by ‘a little spicy Mexican’, or the way the ad relegates Mexico’s pro wrestling heritage to a gimmick. But, hey, there will always be folks with zero tolerance, ready and waiting to protest what they perceive are even the slightest of slights (look at the current commotion over Popeye’s bland ‘Annie the Chicken Queen’). We love when pop culture, advertising included, pokes fun at this distinctly American over-sensitivity. But as our most pop of pop cultures, if advertising chooses to take this on, it’d better do it with fabulous self-awareness. But none of that is in evidence here.

So no redeeming value. This one stinks up the joint like an open bag of yesterday’s offal sitting on a hot curb.

That’s our take. What’s yours?

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