Advertising’s unnatural acts against Mother Nature.

As if her sagging ice caps weren’t bad enough for her downwardly spiraling self-image, Mother Nature has also been geting poked from the ad side as well. Tampax Pearl’s campaign, which has been running for a few months, actually encourages us to ‘Outsmart Mother Nature’. As if we aren’t already dealing with the disastrous consequences of believing we could.

The Tampax campaign (by Burnett out of Chicago, we think) has elected to portray Mother Nature as a brash, instrusive, trumpet playing Rita Rudner-type buffoon. Getting your period is intrusive, so we get the joke, but, hey, it ain’t her fault. Couldn’t the agency have made her intrusive, but in a funny way? Here she just comes off as cloying.

And now Vitamin Water claims it  has ‘one-upped Mother Nature’ with its new 10 calorie naturally  sweetened water. Why anyone still thinks trying to one-up nature is a good thing, we don’t know. Dow chemical and Dupont have been making this promise for years and where has that gotten us?

In this spot (agency Berlin Cameron), Mom Nature is portrayed as a hard-driven exec trying to regain her brand’s edge. She’s so focused she doesn’t even notice when one of her staff devours another member right under her nose. 

Not that we were in love with the regal queen version of Mother Nature. We just think that she’s got enough troubles these days without our biz dragging her through the mud too.


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