Is Welltabs scam the worst direct-to-consumer TV ad ever?

Perhaps one of the most horribly hilarious direct TV ads EVER! Welltabs will make millions. We just hope this ad doesn’t scam too many of the desperate before it gets pulled by the FTC and indictments are handed out. Watch it now because my good guess is the Youtube link will not be available in a few months.

Could there be a more perfect sounding SNL parody name than Welltabs with ‘positive mood technology’?!  Brilliant! Welltabs work well whether you’re a paranoid schizophrenic or just feeling down because you were fired and your spouse left you. If you worry about money, health, if you don’t sleep well, if you’re scared, exhausted, or if life has simply turned against you, these little puppies are game changers. Take a bunch and you’ll feel more confident, more relaxed, stronger, healthier and happier. They’ll even help you look better.

The Welltabs miracle has trumped the entire pharma industry! (Not that we put much faith in them either — look what’s going on with cancer drugs shortage these days). The first time I saw this, I waited and waited  for the punchline, as it teased cliche after cliche like a disciplined comedian. This is an absolutely brilliantly, cringingly, awful gem. I’ll spare whoever was responsible by not drudging up credits (or should I say,  police lineup):

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