Denny’s “Always Open” series is fun, but no NannerPuss

It ain’t no NannerPuss, but Denny’s ‘Always Open’ series starring David Koechner chattin’ it up with actresses like the gorgeous and wonderfully natural Jessica Biel, is a small mound of deep fried fun. Since this is a ‘series’ (it plays like a sponsored celeb interview interstitial) and not a commercial, I give it a pass on having ZERO to do with Denny’s except for the opening burger-to-the-table bit. In their pitch, they obviously made a good case for some vague connection to ‘Always Open’.

But it’s got College Humor behind it, hence the damn good male demo, and hence the cleavage and crotch cams. And unlike the Denny’s Moons Over My Hammy Omelette I’m still processing from breakfast, this is a very digestible nosh.

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